So the past month and a half, I've been really busy teaching school, so this blog is a little longer as I try to catch you up!   Time passes really quickly here!!   There's ALWAYS something to do!   Here is a normal schedule of what my day looks like: I wake up about 5:30am when the sun peeks its head out from the mountains. I either wake up to the roosters next door or the sun coming in my window.  (The sun rises at about 5:30 here!) Then I read my Bible. I've been reading through the New Testament.  I'm currently reading Paul's letter to the new church in Ephesus. Then a nice ice-cold shower is in order (we don't have hot water) but it feels amazing!!! By then, I am cutting it close for our teacher's meeting that starts @6:45am at our school, so I grab a poptart and walk to school. We live exactly a 3 minute walk away. So I leave @6:42, because hey, I don't want to be early do I? School starts @7am and I teach 6th and 7th grades.   I t

Week 1

So for the past week, we have been getting ready for school tomorrow. We have moved chairs and desks around, cleaned out old papers from classrooms, painted, and put up new educational posters in our classrooms. We also had a meeting for all the teachers one of the days. and then we had a parent meeting the next day. But yesterday all day, we(all of the teachers) went zip lining about 40 feet above the water fall. (Niagra Falls of Honduras) It was really cool to see it from above. Then went on a hike under the waterfall and into a really dark cave. It was absolutely breathtaking seeing both views of the waterfalls. On the hike under the fall, we got to jump about 30 feet into a small but really deep pool of water.  We had the privilege of inviting people to church today. I learned a new phrase today... "quieres venir a la Iglesia a las tres?" a lot said no or the classic "ill think about it" or "maybe". but there was more than usual at church today. So th


I'm leaving for Honduras in 28 days! So excited. More posts to come when i get there.